ABV: 6.5% STYLE: American IPA AVAILABILITY: Year-Round

A delicious hoppy IPA. A generous addition of hops with a kiss of malt sweetness balances this IPA very well.  The nose is upfront with the galaxy hops, lending nuances of grapefruit, pine, and tropical notes.


ABV: 5.5%  STYLE: American Pale Ale  AVAILABILITY: Year-Round

Smooth and drinkable! Nice flavorful light malts allow the summer and cascade hops to shine through. With hints of sweet orange and coriander, this pale is unique as it is smooth.


ABV: 8% STYLE: Coffee Porter AVAILABILITY: Rotating

With so much flavor and complexity this is one of our favorite dark beers.  The hints of roasted malts and chocolate balance well with the upfront coffee aroma and flavor. We cold brew the coffee right in the finished beer bringing out its true expressions.



Light straw-colored malt bill that lends a nice dry, crisp, yet slightly sweet finish. The hops used are Azacca, centennial, Ella and citra. Tropical fruit, pine-citrus aroma. The flavor is tropical fruit up front, star anise spice in the middle and a citrusy, hoppy finish that leaves your mouth watering for more.



One of our first Pale Ales, End of the Line is full-bodied, smooth, crisp and drinkable. Unlike other Pale ales we brew, this one is made using all Cascade hops! The cascade flavor of citrus and pine compliments the Vienna and caramalt malt flavors perfectly. Enjoy, because it’s alright at the end of the line.


ABV: 7.5%  STYLE: Red Ale  AVAILABILITY: Rotating

Malty with a nice Centennial Hop balance.  Hints of floral, citrus, and spice with a bready caramel malt backbone. The crisp mouth feel ties it all together to produce one of our most well known beers.


ABV: 6% STYLE: Kolsch Style Ale AVAILABILITY: Rotating

Light, dry, and fruity, this is our twist on the traditional Kolsch Style Ale. The nose gives off a slightly fruity aroma from the yeast, the malt bill works in harmony with the German hops to create a well rounded, approachable, deliciously clean, crisp beer.


ABV: 9-11% STYLE: Barrel-Aged Red Ale  AVAILABILITY: Rotating

To make this special holiday beer, we start with Panama Red, and then age it in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels.

We pride ourselves on the creativity and love we pour into all of our flavors. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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